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My name is Torie/Victoria. I love theatre and Harry Potter. I was diagnosed with anorexia a few years ago, went through a forced recovery, developed bulimic tendencies, started binging, gained a lot of weight, and became extremely depressed. Now, I'm trying to lose weight in a way that allows me to remain positive. I want to accept myself, and I want you to accept yourself. If you want to lose weight, do it for you, not for anyone else. And do it healthfully and with self-respect. I want us all to be confident with ourselves and comfortable in our bodies. So smile, and show the world how awesome you are.

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Take your medication.

If you’ve been diagnosed with depression (or any mental illness), PLEASE don’t skimp on your medication. People frequently avoid taking their pills or they don’t take it seriously and forget about it, and that isn’t good. These things can really help you. I was prescribed Prozac five years ago, when I was beginning my recovery from anorexia. Honestly, it’s one of the main reasons I’m as okay as I am. I didn’t notice for a long time how effective antidepressants can be, but I’ve been taking my pills less recently. I don’t do it on purpose, but sometimes I’ll just forget to take it. Or I’ll wake up in the afternoon and decide it’s not worth it. But I’ve noticed that on these days when I don’t take it, or worse, if I miss it for multiple days in a row, it really affects me. Last week, when I came home from college, I didn’t bother to unpack my pills for a couple of days. I was a MESS. I got so upset about relatively small things, and I was angry to the point that my chest hurt, and I just felt horrible. When I finally unpacked my pills and starting taking them again, I felt so much better. Yesterday, I neglected to take it again. I was okay until I got some news that made me so unbelievably sad. If I had taken my pills, I probably would have still been upset, but it wouldn’t have torn me up nearly as much as it did. I got so depressed so quickly. It just took something relatively small to set me off, and it was like I fell into a ditch of utter despair. I took my pill today, and I’m so much better. I’m still upset about what I found out yesterday, but it’s not eating me up like it was. I feel like I can do things, not just lay in my bed and drown in melancholy. 

So the point is, it is so worth it to take your pills. Some people think that taking them will change who they are, but that isn’t true at all. It allows you to be who you are. It makes life not seem so daunting. It makes living bearable. It makes it possible for you to be happy. And I promise, you will still feel like yourself. You’ll just be more in control of your life, and not run by morbid thoughts that weigh you down. When your mind is clear of all this awful junk that tears at you, you are so much more capable than you ever thought you were.

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